Kill Ants EASY With NATURAL Chemicals

Where there’s one ant, there are hundreds more to come. This may not bother you so much if you’re picnicking but if an ant infestation is occurring in your home, you’ll want to remove the problem fast.

There are many ways to eliminate ants and their colonies in the home. Some of these are natural solutions that won’t add chemicals or toxins to your environment.

Here are some of the best ways to kill and repel ants naturally and safely.

A mixture of water and dish soap put into a sprayer sprinkle is safe for human as well as an effective solution for killing a variety of insects. The solution is also effective in killing the remaining ants. Another natural chemical that can kill ant is Boric Acid.

You can also just place Peppermint, pepper and Hand soap. Since most of the chemicals (natural chemicals) leave a strong smell left.