Keep Spiders Away

  Spiders are air-breathing arthropods that have eight legs, some threatning some safe. So first step to keep these nasty insects nowhere near you there are a few steps. Step 1 By installing Conkers under beds, sofas, bedside tables and other whereabouts the sappion in conkers kill most variety Of Spiders, which could really help out. Another Thing vinegar can kills spiders Along with being an essential kitchen pantry item, vinegar is an excellent spider repellent. Another thing you can also use a spider repellent but not everyone wants to fill their house with chemicals, which could root to lung cancer at excess points of usage. Also laying paper towels in next to or in a certain hole in a door or wall could prevent them from intruding into your house. Paper Towels will also end up killing spiders trying to intrude One last thing that I should point out killing spiders isn’t always a good thing because spiders can kill other nasty insects saving your time searching, buying and then working.