How To Exterminate Ants

Ants are really annoying and can bug you (full pun intended) They can also invade your house in large amounts to the point bug/ant spray to kill ant nests wont be enough, there’re incredibly strong so I will explain all the steps to kill these ants. So first of all you should bait them into a certain place you can easily get to, you can do this with a ant killer bait station. After you have placed this where you want wait 1-3 days depending on how much ants they’re are. After waiting out the time period (1-3 days) now you should get a *POWERFUL* ant spray to spray all over, in a 2.5 meter radius from the middle of the ants nest. Make sure you use quality products for best performance or carpet could be ruined .ect. If Any Inquires about this article use feedback tab.